9900 грн. під замовлення

World of the Communities: coopetition is the first Ukrainian multiplayer co-op strategy board game, which closely models real life and real decision-making, conflict-resolution and community development. This game tool is designed and developed by World of Communities LLC - EdTech company from Ukraine that develops educational serious games and gamification solutions for better community development & engagement. 

This tool will change the way you think of human nature, interaction and co-operation.

Type: Collaborative strategy board game.

Genre: Social simulation game.

How it works

Coopetition players (4-5 players) build their community based on game scenarios. To win the game, players will need to develop the community, extending public infrastructure, managing community assets wisely and launching new businesses, developing professional skills, increasing level of health and happiness.

What is more, throughout this collective effort to build a sustainable community, each player will have to face a variety of tough life choices, thus learning how to balance between life and work, their private interests and the common good.

The game develops Skills that are needed and demanded in XXI century

Learning skills

  •    Collaboration
  •    Critical thinking
  •    Complex Problem Solving
  •    Lifelong learning

Life Skills

  •    Communication
  •    Flexibility
  •    Social Skills
  •    Productivity
  •    Leadership

Citizen Skills

  •    Multi Stakeholders Analysis
  •    Community Development Tools
  •    Financial Literacy
  •    Tax Literacy
  •    Political Literacy


  • 10 scenarios
  • 32 community development tools
  • 75 life circumstances
  • 2 types of property
  • 12 municipal facilities that can be constructed in the community
  • 10 local businesses
  • 1 Municipality
  • 1 Community Fund
  • 16 game roles
  • 24 personal goals
  • 3 types of gamepieces
  • 1 gameboard
  • 1 set of cards for the game facilitator (the Mayor’s deck)
  • 6 stacks of play money
  • 1 rulebook

9900 грн. під замовлення

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