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World of Communities: Accelerator

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📬 Box parameters: 50 mm x 320 mm x 120 mm, weight: 1.3 kg.
⚠️ Certification training for the game facilitator is not included in the price.
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World of Communities: Accelerator – is a board simulation cooperative strategy which enhances collaboration, allows players to take responsibility for their lives and communities, and helps to understand how the mechanisms behind healthy and prosperous societies work in practice.


Number of players

2-6 people (4-5 - recommended)


12+ (14+ without experience in board game playing)

006 - Timeframe


60-180 min(depends on the scenario)


The best civic education project aimed at activating communities 
2019, by the Eastern European Network for Citizenship Education (EENCE)

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Tasks, which the game helps to solve


    Build a close-knit team
    Identify informal leaders
    Model group decision making
    Diagnose your team
    Automatic Code Detection


    Develop leadership skills
    Boost entrepreneurship skills
    Raise civic awareness
    Create open platform for public authorities & youth consultations
    Fun way to talk about serious things in simple terms


    Learn about community development tools
    Engage community members to decision making
    Model community development scenarios
    Promote complex solutions: gender/ participatory budgeting, LLL, circular economy
    Integrate newcomers to your community

What’s inside the box?

  • 1

    Quickstart guide;

  • 2

    extended gamerules book;

  • 3

    game roles (6 male, 6 female);

  • 4

    game scenarios (from 2 to 12 rounds);

  • 5

    municipal property (9 pieces);

  • 6

    businesses (9 pieces);

  • 7

    organizations (1 piece);

  • 8

    deck of Life circumstance cards (70 pieces);

  • 9

    deck of Community Development Tools (33 pieces);

  • 10

    deck of Individual goals (12 pieces);

  • 11

    game money (30x6);

  • 12

    skill tokens (30 pieces);

  • 13

    tokens of social capital (30 pieces);

  • 14

    chips of progress (34 pieces);

  • 15

    game round regulations (6 pieces).


World of Communities players (4-5 players) build their community based on game scenarios. To win the game, players need to develop the community, extend public infrastructure, manage community assets wisely, launch new businesses, develop professional skills, increase level of health and happiness.
What is more, throughout this collective effort to build a sustainable community, each player has to face a variety of tough life choices, thus learning how to balance between life and work, private interests and common good.

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